"There is nothing constant except change" - Buddha

From the Brenne to Canada via Normandy

My background

I was born a little more than 50 years ago in the Berry region and am the father of 3 children, Nicolas, Mélanie and Florian. I left my native region in 1988 to work in the region of choice for horse breeding: Normandy. In spite of a "slightly" busy schedule, I continue as far as possible to indulge my second passion, photography, which I now share with my wife Cécilia, who is more specialized in video.

It is the animal photography which holds the most my interest from the beginning.
I started in Brenne with the deer of the forest of Lancosme. Then I photographed the fauna of Normandy, Quebec, British Columbia as well as Alaska which became my second country for more than 15 years. Since then, I regularly return to Canada and especially to Quebec, which was the location of my first trip to North America. Having fallen in love with Arctic Quebec, my future projects will be concentrated in this still unknown region.

A long-time Nikon loyalist, I now use the hybrid (Z) ecosystem comprising 2 Z9 bodies and lenses ranging from 14 to 840 mm (Nikkor Z 600mm f/4 TC VR S). Their reliability is the criterion I consider essential.

2020 represented a major turning point in my life...
With the call of the North making itself felt, I now reveal to you, through this website, my new activity as a photographer and videographer, which has led me, among other things, to collaborate with Luc Besson in 2022 and Yann Arthus-Bertrand in 2023.

Main Awards

Grand Prize 

of the MONTIER-EN-DER International Wildlife and Nature Photography Festival

Best Picture

at the 9th World Photography Division Nature

1st Prize

 Wildlife at the WILD EARTH Contest

1st Prize

Mini-series at the International Festival of Namur

Silver Award

Mini-series at the International Wildlife and Nature Photography Festival of Montier-en-Der

1st Prize

Filmed sequence series Montier-en-Der International Wildlife and Nature Photography Festival

Some publications